Dr. Allen Interviewed by Provo's Daily Herald - Dr. Kathie Allen for Congress Dr. Allen Interviewed by Provo's Daily Herald - Dr. Kathie Allen for Congress

Dr. Allen Interviewed by Provo’s Daily Herald

Dr. Kathie Allen sat down with Provo’s Daily Herald and talked about health care, guns, and messaging:

“(Health care) does not respond to free-market forces,” Allen said. “And that’s because it’s based on need rather than want.”

She compared it to Lasik surgery, which Curtis frequently touts at events as evidence that the free market can lower health care costs.

“Well I’m sorry, but that is the worst example you could use in health care, because it’s a completely elective procedure,” Allen said. “You could go and check out all of the Lasik doctors that provide that surgery, check their prices, their reputations. If you decided the cost was too expensive, and you were going to keep your glasses instead, you could walk away. You cannot walk away from a lot of health care.”

For someone diagnosed with cancer or diabetes, for example, it would be a fatal decision to walk away from health care, Allen said.


Allen also addressed her views on gun control following the massacre in Las Vegas that left 58 people dead Sunday.

Allen said she supports the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which gives citizens a right to bear arms.

“People have a right to have guns,” Allen said. “Especially for hunting and self protection. I have no issue with that at all. I don’t want peoples’ hunting rifles.”

But she said she believes a sensible discussion about gun control can be had without people having to feel threatened that their personal weapons will be confiscated.

“As a physician who has personally witnessed gunshot wounds and watched the light go out of someone’s eyes as they died, you don’t forget scenarios like that,” Allen said.


“My message has been consistent,” Allen said. “I haven’t changed it to appeal to a certain group of voters. I’ve had people say, ‘You need to run as a blue dog Democrat, because that’s the only kind of Democrat that can run in this district. I’ve had Bernie supporters say, ‘No, you need to run as a pure progressive, and I’m going to apply this purity test to you.’”

She said, as a candidate, she has found her own positions with which she is comfortable, and has stuck with them.

“One thing that appeals to voters no matter where they are from is they want sincere people. So I’ve tried to be that,” Allen said.

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