Conservative Doctor Supports Universal Health Care at Provo Town Hall - Dr. Kathie Allen for Congress Conservative Doctor Supports Universal Health Care at Provo Town Hall - Dr. Kathie Allen for Congress

Conservative Doctor Supports Universal Health Care at Provo Town Hall

August 16, 2017—Provo, Utah—Conservative Utah Doctor Joe Jarvis supports Dr. Kathie Allen’s embrace of universal health care. 
At a health care town hall event held at the Provo City Library at Academy Square, Dr. Jarvis presented compelling evidence that health care does not behave like a commodity in a marketplace. He described himself as a conservative and an opponent of Obamacare. But he agreed to be a presenter at Democratic candidate Kathie Allen’s event “for a very specific reason.” 
“This is a historic candidacy,” Dr. Jarvis said. “It is the first time a major-party candidate supports single payer in the history of this state.”
Like a growing majority of American doctors and voters, Dr. Jarvis and Dr. Allen agree that a system of universal health care coverage similar to what exists in the rest of the industrialized world, often called a single-payer system, will benefit America economically while also providing a higher standard of medical care. 
Dr. Jarvis and Dr. Allen further agree that a such a system run by state governments, rather than the federal government, could be the easiest way to implement such a system in the United States. Regarding this idea, Dr. Jarvis said, “It’s constitutionally conservative. It’s fiscally much more conservative than any other proposal. It actually solves the deficit problem.” And, he added, “It is morally conservative.” 
Dr. Allen added, It’s a moral failing in this country not to take care of people.” She then proposed an even quicker solution. “I’d like to see our state take a lead and take advantage of the waiver in the ACA that allows states to implement their own programs,” she said. “Utah is uniquely positioned to take a lead in this because . . . the cost per person in IHC is half of what the rest of the United States pays because they’re non-profit.”
When asked by an audience member whether implementing such a system was politically possible in Utah, Dr. Jarvis responded, “Yes!” Dr. Allen said, “But we have to have the political will to do it. And my will is there. I’ve lived in the trenches, and I know what it’s like to take care of patients with no insurance, and to diagnose a disease when it’s too late.”
In his closing remarks, Dr. Jarvis exhorted the audience, “Never again vote for a politician—I don’t care what their party affiliation is—who says that market forces will improve health care in the United States.”
The entire town hall event was streamed live on Facebook. Dr. Allen’s next town hall will be held in Moab, Utah, on August 24th at 7:00 pm. 
Daniel Craig Friend