Salt Lake Town Hall Highlights - Dr. Kathie Allen for Congress Salt Lake Town Hall Highlights - Dr. Kathie Allen for Congress

Salt Lake Town Hall Highlights

August 9, 2017Salt Lake City, UtahWhile the Republican contenders for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District were duking it out in debates and on the air with PAC-funded negative campaign ads, Dr. Kathie Allen, the Democratic nominee, hosted a town hall meeting in the Salt Lake County Council Chamber to discuss solutions to America’s health care problem. 

Universal health care coverage for all our citizens must be our goal,” Allen said in her remarks. “Putting patients first is my way to ‘promote the general welfare.'” She then shared several experiences from her 30 years of family practice. In all of them, the for-profit policies of health insurance companies prevented her from giving her patients the best possible care.

The problem of for-profit, “market-based” solutions was further highlighted by the next speaker, Dr. Joe Jarvis. “There is no market,” he said. “When was the last time you went and had an appendectomy because it was on sale?” To illustrate his point, he mentioned that if BMW lowered prices, demand for their cars would go up. But the number of patients who will purchase open-heart surgery doesn’t vary depending on price. The same number of people need the operation regardless, and tend to buy it no matter what it costs.

In contrast, all the Republican candidates for this congressional seat support so-called “market-based” solutions. 

Further speakers at the town hall included Ben Frank, who spoke about campaign finance reform in regards to health care, and Christine Stenquist, an advocate for medical cannabis. The event was moderated by Bill Allred of X96 FM. 

Questions from the audience were taken at the end of the event. When asked by one audience member about how she would address environmental impacts (such as climate change) on constituents’ health, Dr. Allen responded, “Well, I’d start by believing it!”

As the event concluded, audience members expressed their appreciation for the quality of the material presented.